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Our budget challenge

Your local council tax helps to fund over 100 local services provided by this Council, from waste collection, leisure centres, keeping the streets clean and removing litter, to providing community transport for the vulnerable and helping those in housing need. You can read more about what we delivered during 2022-23 on our 'delivering priorities' page.

Despite a strong track record in sound financial management and without the need for service cuts this year, our budget continues to be under significant pressure. This is because of several factors.

Just like residents, the council is being impacted by inflation. This means our services are more expensive to run. We are also seeing increased demand for our services, not least as result of the cost-of-living crisis.

Most of our funding for the services we provide to you comes directly from local council tax, business rates and income from fees and charges.

In simple terms, the cost of running council services is now higher than the money we can raise through council tax and other fees. Even raising council tax and other charges does not bring in enough money to close the budget gap, and so over many years councils have had to make savings and look where we can be more efficient and generate income.

We are in a volatile and uncertain environment with no certainty over the funding that will be provided to us from central government after 2024/25. This makes financial planning for the long-term extremely difficult.

To help us deal with our long-term financial challenges, we are progressing with our ‘Fit for the Future’ transformation programme looking at how we work, how we can use resources more effectively and closely scrutinising how we use our assets and resources to support our budget in future.

Read more about our budget for 2024/2025 on our news page.

Budget 2024/25

Full details of the budget for 2024/2025 can be viewed in our Cabinet papers.

Financial support

Help is available if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Visit our Council Tax page for council tax support.

Visit our Cost of living page for a range of support including debt, jobs and career advice, cost of living payments, medical costs and warm rooms. 

How the budget is funded

Our total budget is £19.6 million for 2024-2025. 

This is funded by: 

  • 60% council taxpayers
  • 35% business ratepayers
  • 5% central government grants

Although we collect council tax, the money doesn't just pay for our services.

It also pays for services by the police, fire, county council, parish and town councils too. 

For every £1 people pay in council tax, just over 9p goes to Braintree District Council. Essex County Council receives 72p, Essex Police & Crime Commissioner receives 12p, Essex Fire Authority receives 4p and parish and town councils receive 3p.

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