Invite the Chairman to an event

Guidance for organising events

Before you invite the Chairman to an event or function, make sure you read the guidelines. Once you have read the guidelines, you must use the online form to submit your invitation.

We deal with invitations for the Chairman in the order we receive them. As the Chairman accepts engagements some months in advance, it is best to plan well ahead.

On the day of your event

On the day of your event, the Chairman will arrive at the time stated in your invitation form (this should be a few minutes before the event starts). It is helpful if you can reserve a parking space for the Chairman.

Before you submit your invitation form, you should give some thought to what you want to achieve by having the Chairman at your event and what you want the Chairman to do. This may include making a presentation, receiving a cheque, reading a lesson, making a speech or drawing a raffle etc.


You must arrange for a responsible person to meet the Chairman and their escort immediately they arrive. When they arrive, the responsible person should:

  • escort them to their places
  • make the appropriate introductions to other guests

You must make sure that somebody in your organisation looks after the Chairman and escort throughout the visit.


The Chairman, as the first citizen of Braintree District, takes precedence in all places and on all occasions within the District boundaries.

As such, you must give the Chairman first place at all times. On formal occasions, you must seat them on the immediate right of the chairman or other person presiding over the event.

If the Lord Lieutenant or his representative attends the same function, you must give them first precedence.

Toast list, agenda, and so on

If the event is a dinner or a meeting, you must send us a copy of the toast list or agenda at least 10 days before the function.

When you submit your invitation, you should ask the Chairman to propose or respond to a toast or speak on any subject at the event.

At least 10 days before the event, you must send us:

  • any specific points you want the Chairman to refer to
  • the names of any people  you want the Chairman to refer to

Forms of address

You must make sure that any speakers or guests know the correct way to address the Chairman.

The Civic Head of the District is the Chairman (whether the office is held by a male or a female). The correct ways to address the Chairman are:

  • in direct speech it is correct to use “Mr Chairman” or “Madam Chairman”
  • if introducing the Civic Head, it should be as “The Chairman of Braintree District Council, Councillor”


The Chairman is attending your event as the representative of Braintree District Council. The Chairman cannot accept personal gifts.

The Vice-Chairman

You must follow the same guidance when the Vice-chairman attends an event on behalf of the Chairman.


You should contact us if you have any questions about the procedures or protocols you need to follow.

Civic Office

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525

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