Equality and diversity

Equality duty report 2023


We have specific duties under the Equality Act 2010 to publish information annually to demonstrate our compliance with the general equality duty.

All employees are aware that the information they provide is sensitive, personal data covered by the General Data Protection Regulations and will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with the principles within the legislation. The information is utilised for monitoring, reporting and providing support and for the purpose of meeting our legal obligations to publish relevant workforce equalities information. The information is not presented or reported in a way that will allow the identification of any individual employee.

Notes with regard to the data:

  • data is taken from our HR and Payroll system where employees are able to update/amend their own data.
  • employees have the option to say they prefer not to disclose /prefer not to say, on all sensitive information
  • the data is a snapshot from 30 June 2023
  • headcount was 482
  • full-time equivalent (FTE) was 435.98
  • turnover for 2022/23 was 10.49%.
  • View the general population data for Braintree District


Employment type:

Full time



Female 30.29% 20.33% 50.62%
Male 45.64% 3.74% 49.38%


Ethnic Origin

% of total employees

Asian or Asian British

less than 3%

Black or Black British

less than 3%


less than 3%

Other ethnic groups

less than 3%



Not specified or withheld



Disability Status

% of employees

Disabled: Long term health condition

less than 3%

Disabled: Physical/mobility

less than 3%

Disabled: Sensory

less than 3%

Disabled: Other

less than 3%

Not disabled


Not specified



Age range % of employees
20 or under 1.04%
21 to 29 years 10.37%
30 to 39 years 15.35%
40 to 49 years 27.18%
50 to 59 years 32.16%
60 years and over  13.90%

Religion and Belief

Religion or Belief % of total employees
Christian 37.34%


less than 3%
Muslim less than 3%
Buddhist less than 3%
Any other religion less than 3%
No religion 35.48%
Not specified 24.07%

Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation % of employees
Bisexual  less than 3%
Gay less than 3%
Heterosexual 66.60%
Lesbian less than 3%
Other  less than 3%
Do not wish to disclose 31.33%

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