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Council management structure

Council management structure

Corporate Management Team

The Corporate Management Team at Braintree District Council currently consists of a Chief Executive, three Corporate Directors, six Heads of Service, the Human Resources and Organisational Development Manager and the Marketing and Communications Manager.

If you wish to contact any of the Corporate Management Team please do so via e-mail. E-mail addresses are all in the format

Andy WrightAndy Wright - Chief Executive

Reports to - Leader of the Council

Responsibilities – Strategic Direction, Overall Performance, Strategic Partnerships, Leadership, External Relationships, Corporate communications, Democracy, Community Safety Partnership, Economic Development. In Addition, Appointed by Braintree District Council as the Council’s Electoral Registration Officer and Returning Officer.


Chris FleethamChris Fleetham - Corporate Director

Reports to - Andy Wright

Responsibilities – Finance, Revenues and Benefits, Procurement, Business Solutions, Housing, Human Resources and Organisational Development, Governance and Marketing and Communications.


John LambJohn Lamb - Interim Corporate Director

Reports to - Andy Wright

Responsibilities – Strategic Growth, Planning Policy, Development Management, Affordable Housing Development, District Infrastructure, Landscape Services, Capital Project Management and Delivery.


Cherie RootCherie Root - Corporate Director 

Reports to - Andy Wright as Corporate Director

Responsibilities – Corporate Director – Economic Development, Waste and Recycling Strategy, Clean and Green, Environmental Protection, Healthy Living and Well Being, Building Control, Leisure and Heritage Services, Community Services, Voluntary Sector Support, Community Safety, Safeguarding, Emergency Planning, Facilities Management, Digital Services and Information Technology.


Joanne AlbiniJoanne Albini - Head of Housing & Communities

Reports to - Chris Fleetham

Responsibilities – Community Safety, Safeguarding, Community Transport, Voluntary Sector Development, Housing Research and Housing Development, Housing Options Advice and Homelessness, Management of the Housing Register, District ‘Champion’ for Services for Older People.


Lee CrabbLee Crabb - Head of Environment and Leisure

Reports to - Cherie Root

Responsibilities – Environmental Health, Pest Control, Environmental Enforcement, Sustainability, Carbon Management, Climate Change, Licensing, Building Control, Environmental Engineering, Emergency Planning, Corporate Health and Safety, Leisure, Cultural Services Public Health & Wellbeing.


Emma GoodingsEmma Goodings - Head of Economic Development and Planning

Reports to - John Lamb

Responsibilities – Development Management, Strategic Economic Growth, Business Engagement, Educational Attainment and skills, Town Centre Master-Planning, Tourism, Partnership Development, Inward Investment, the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Planning, Garden Communities, Monitoring.


Ian HuntIan Hunt - Head of Governance

Reports to - Chris Fleetham

Responsibilities – Monitoring Officer, Governance, Legal, Member Support, Elections, Local Land Charges.


Helen KrischockHelen Krischock - Human Resources and Organisational Development Manager

Reports to - Chris Fleetham

Responsibilities – Recruitment and Retention, Pay, Reward and Recognition, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Employee Relations, Skills, Learning and Development, Apprenticeships, Member Development.


Paul PartirdgePaul Partridge - Head of Operations

Reports to - Cherie Root

Responsibilities – Refuse and Recycling, Trade Waste, Street Cleaning, Vehicle Procurement and Maintenance, Parks and Open Spaces, Cemeteries, Car Parking, Markets, Public Conveniences and Highways Liaison.


Tania RobergeTania Roberge - Marketing and Communications Manager

Reports to - Chris Fleetham

Responsibilities – Marketing and Communications, Media Relations, Digital Communications, Campaigns, Consultation, Graphic Design and Print.


Trevor WilsonTrevor Wilson - Head of Finance

Reports to - Chris Fleetham

Responsibilities – Accountancy, Payments/Payroll, Customer Services, Performance Improvement, Treasury Management, Capital Programme Management, Revenues/Benefits, Cashiers, Audit, Insurance/risk, Business Continuity, Procurement, Mail


Placeholder image of person, will be updated with photograph of Aidan KelleyAidan Kelly - Interim Head of Strategic Investment

Reports to - John Lamb

Responsibilities – Major Capital Projects, Construction Management, Housing Development.