Community Rights

Community Rights

Community Right to Bid, Build, Challenge and Plan

The new Community Rights introduced by the Localism Act 2011, give local people and community groups a greater say about local facilities, services and development in their area.

Community Right to Bid - enables 'Assets of Community Value' to be nominated to inclusion on a list that is held by Braintree District Council.  When these assets come up for sale (regardless of who owns them) there will be a six month period for the community to raise funds and submit a 'bid', alongside other bidders, to try and purchase the asset.

Community Right to Build - enables a small development of community facilities or housing to be built to meet local need. A 'Community Right to Build Order' brings forward a site to specific development proposal without going through the normal planning process.

Community Right to Challenge - enables a service that is currently delivered by a public body to be run by a community based organisation.  The local organisation first submits an 'expression of interest' (which triggers a procurement process) and can then submit a tender as part of a competitive process to establish who runs the service.

Community Right to Create a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Order - enables the community to set out a vision and objectives for a 'neighbourhood area', together with locally specific policies that will be used in the determination of planning applications.