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Our Corporate Priorities 2020 - 2024

Our Corporate Priorities 2020 - 2024

Braintree District Council is currently developing its Corporate Strategy 2020 - 2024 which will set out the Council’s key priorities over the next four years. Based on feedback received from residents, businesses and partners following consultation in the summer of 2019, the priorities below have been drawn up and we would now welcome your views. Your feedback needs to be provided by Friday 17th January 2020. All comments will be reviewed and the Corporate Strategy will then be approved by Cabinet and Council before being published in April 2020.


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Connecting People and Places

  • Grow the district in the right way supported by the required services such as health, leisure and community facilities
  • Develop our infrastructure leading to improved journeys in and across the district
  • Deliver good quality affordable homes for local people
  • Create thriving Town Centres for everyone to enjoy
  • Improve the districts digital connectivity and harness innovation in technology to meet future digital needs

Enhancing our Environment

  • Ensure our district is clean and well maintained with high quality parks and green spaces
  • Encourage others to change their behaviour to protect and enhance the environment
  • Minimise pollution by promoting sustainable energy sources, construction and transport
  • Ensure Braintree District Council reduces its own environmental impact and be carbon neutral where practical by 2030
  • Support residents and businesses to reduce, re-use and recycle

Promoting Prosperity

  • Make use of the competitive advantage of our location to attract new business
  • Support the growth of key employment sectors
  • Enable businesses to thrive with access to business support and key networks
  • Ensure skills and training provision is aligned to meet the needs of the local economy now and in the future
  • Develop our culture and heritage offer in shaping opportunities for tourism and investment

Supporting our Communities

  • Build on the strengths of communities and what they can do to support themselves and help each other
  • Help people to make positive lifestyle choices, increasing their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention so residents can lead independent and active lives
  • Provide support and protection to our most vulnerable residents, their families and carers
  • Support and inspire young people to raise their aspirations and reach their full potential

Delivering and Innovating

  • Listen to our residents and businesses, using this information to improve our services
  • Involve communities in the design, development and delivery of services
  • Consider new ways to generate income achieving financial self-sufficiency
  • Build strong, effective partnerships across the public, private, voluntary and community sector taking a place based approach to achieve more for the district
  • Modernise the way we work to ensure we continue to deliver high quality and value for money services