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Quotations and Tenders

Quotations and Tenders

Selling to the Council

For purchases from £1,500 up to £24,999

The Council uses a process of gaining competitive quotations. It is usual for purchases of this value for the individual services to hold details of companies for those areas of work that they undertake. The Council may also choose to advertise the requirement via Contracts Finder (

Supplies and Services Contracts over £25,000 and below £181,302

Are subject to competitive tendering as per the Council’s local contract procedure rules and these requirements are advertised on the Contracts Finder website (

Supplies and Services Contracts over £181,302

Are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and where appropriate in newspapers and trade magazines. Access to OJEU is available online at Prequalification documents and tenders are only sent to those companies who express an interest from the advertisement.

All advertisements will also appear on Contracts Finder giving suppliers just the one place where they can view all opportunities regardless of the value.

During the quotation, prequalification and tender processes it is important that bidders take on board and respond to all questions described in the Council’s documentation. It has been our experience that bids fail simply due to the fact that the bidder has not understood or followed the instructions given or where incomplete or incorrect information is provided. Please check all information carefully before submission. Where uncertainty arises bidders should not hesitate to contact the Council’s procurement services team.

Purchase orders and payments

No company should undertake to provide any goods, services or works to the council without a valid order number. (No payment will be made by Braintree District Council without an official invoice complete with a valid order no.).

Order number formats are normally nnn/nnnnnnn, nn/nnnnnnn or 0000nnnnn

If in any doubt please contact the procurement services team.