Advertising and sponsorship

We have great advertising and sponsorship opportunities to support the growth of local business and generate funds to reinvest into the district.

We have prime locations and distribution through:

  • roundabout sponsorship
  • vehicle billboards
  • advertising frames
  • our resident and business publications

These opportunities offer maximum visibility, placing your business in front of:

  • 150,000 residents
  • 6,000 local business
  • 4 million visitors to our district

We offer a high quality, professional service with clear pricing and competative rates.

You can contact us online to find out how our range of unique and highly visible advertising spaces can help promote your business.

Contact our advertising and sponsorship team 

You can also find more information and prices on these fantastic opportunities in our media pack


Customer Services

Address: Causeway House,
Bocking End,

Telephone: 01376 552525

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