Liability order

A Liability Order, give us more powers to collect the Business rates. It allows us to obtain details about your employment or benefit claims.

If the court grant us a Liability Order you will incur further costs of £30.00.

There are several ways we can use the Liability Order to collect Business rates.

Enforcement Agents

We can send the Liability Order to certificated Enforcement Agents. This will mean that you will incur further statutory costs.

Enforcement Agents can seize and sell certain goods to the value of the Business Rates and costs you owe us.

We will not send you a letter telling you that we have sent the Liability Order to a Enforcement Agent

Bankruptcy or liquidation

We can apply to the County Court to :

  • have an individual made Bankrupt
  • a company ot be wound up

This is a very serious step that will affect your ability to get credit. It could lead to you losing your home or business and you would be liable for any solicitors costs and insolvency fees.

We will only consider bankruptcy or insolvency action when we have gathered and considered information about an individual.

Committal Hearing

We can apply to the Magistrates Court to have a person sent to prison where there is

  • culpable neglect
  • or wilful refusal to pay

We will only consider this action would once we have not collected the Business rates through all other methods of recovery.


Business Rates

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