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Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

What is a Scrap Metal Licence?

As you may be aware the recent growth of metal theft has highlighted the ineffectiveness of the existing regulatory regime in preventing the scrap metal industry being the central market for stolen metal.  Central government has therefore sought to remedy this by repealing existing legislation and bringing the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 into force by 1st October 2013.

Apply for a scrap metal licence

Apply for a licence online Download a PDF of the application form

Previously you may have been registered with Braintree District Council as either a:

  • Scrap Metal Dealer - free registration and valid for 3 years
  • Motor Salvage Operator - £105 fee for a 3 year registration

The new Act places a requirement on Scrap Metal Dealers and Motor Salvage Operators to obtain either a licence for operating from a site, or a licence for operating as a collector.

What businesses will this affect?

  • Scrap Metal Dealers
  • Mobile Collectors
  • Motor Salvage Operators
  • All other businesses who buy or sell scrap metal as an integral part of their business.

What happens next?

Any operator currently registered as a Scrap Metal Dealer or a Motor Salvage Operator will be deemed to have a licence under the 2013 Act until the council grants a licence or sends the operator notice of its decision to refuse a licence provided they submit an application to the Council between 1 and 15 October 2013.

If no application is received the deemed licence will lapse on 16 October 2013 and the operator will no longer be able to trade without making an application for a new licence.

Businesses that are not currently registered with the Council under the current registration scheme in accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 and want to take advantage of obtaining a licence via the transitional arrangements will need to register with the Council before 1st October 2013.