Animal activity licences

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We keep a register of Current Animal Activity Licences we have given to businesses.

You can contact the Licensing Team for details of historic or revoked animal activity licenses.

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All information in the register is kept according to our privacy policy.

The activities which require a licence are set out in the regulations and comprise:

Activity Description of regulation

Selling animals as pets

Keeping animals in the course of a business with a view to sell or resell them.

Providing or arranging for the provision of boarding for cats or dogs

Providing or arranging accommodation for other people’s cats or dogs in the course of a business on any premises where the provision of that accommodation is a purpose of the business by providing;

  • (a) boarding for cats;
  • (b) boarding in kennels for dogs
  • (c) home boarding for dogs
  • (d) daycare for dogs

Hiring out horses

Hiring out horses in the course of a business for either or both of the following purposes;

  • (a) riding
  • (b) instruction in riding

Breeding dogs

Either or both of the following activities;

  • (a) breeding three or more litters of puppies in any 12-month period 
  • (b) breeding dogs and advertising a business of selling dogs

Keeping or training animals for exhibition

Keeping or training animals for exhibition in the course of a business for educational or entertainment purposes –

  • (a) to any audience attending in person
  • (b)by the recording of visual images of them by any form of technology that enables the display of such images

Risk Rating

We do not share the business’s risk rating on the register.

Exceptions to the register

This register does not include licences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and Zoo Licensing Act 1981. Contact the licensing team for information about these licenses.


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