Zoo licence

Apply for a zoo licence

If you are planning to operate a zoo you need to contact our Licensing team to let us know that you will be applying for a zoo licence.

Two months before you apply for your licence you must publish a notice of intent:

  • in one local newspaper
  • one national newspaper
  • at the site

You must also send your notice of intent to us. We will make it available for public inspection.

Your notice of intent must state the:

  • location of the zoo
  • kinds of animals that you will keep, in taxonomic category of order
  • arrangements you have made for the animals' accommodation, maintenance and well being
  • approximate number and categories of staff you employ or will employ at the zoo
  • approximate number of visitors and motor vehicles you are providing accommodation for
  • approximate number and position of the means of access you have provided or will provide to the premises

After you have published your notice of intent, you will need to formally apply for a licence.

Under the Zoo Licensing Act 1981, it is unlawful to operate a zoo unless you have a licence.

Planning permission

You will need planning permission to use your site as a zoo, before we can grant you a licence.


Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525

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