Pavement permits and licences

About Pavement permits and licences

You need a Pavement permit or a Pavement licence if you want to wish to place furniture such as tables and chairs on the highway outside your licensed premises, café or restaurant.

You can either apply for a Pavement permit or a Pavement licence.

Pavement permits

Pavement permits fall under the Highways Act 1980. The key features of a Pavement permit are:

  • there is a fee of £327.00
  • the licence lasts for one year
  • there is a 28 day consultation period
  • you need Highways consent
  • you need planning permission

Pavement licences

Pavement permits fall under the Business and Planning Act 2020. The key features of a Pavement licence are:

the Government introduced them as a fast track as part of the response to Covid-19

  • there is a fee of £100.00
  • there is a 14 day consultation period
  • you do not need planning permission



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