Pavement permits and licences

About Pavement permits and licences

You need a Pavement permit or a Pavement licence if you want to wish to place furniture such as tables and chairs on the highway outside your licensed premises, café or restaurant.

You can either apply for a Pavement permit or a Pavement licence.

Pavement permits

Pavement permits fall under the Highways Act 1980. The key features of a Pavement permit are:

  • there is a fee of £327.00
  • the licence lasts for one year
  • there is a 28 day consultation period
  • you need Highways consent
  • you need planning permission

Pavement licences

Pavement permits fall under the Business and Planning Act 2020. The key features of a Pavement licence are:

the Government introduced them as a fast track as part of the response to Covid-19

  • there is a fee of £100.00
  • the licence lasts for one year
  • there is a 14 day consultation period
  • you do not need planning permission

Sufficient Toilet provision

Regardless of whether you apply for a pavement permit or a pavement licence you must ensure that you have sufficient toilet provision for the total number of customer seats (inside and outside) that you will have if your licence is granted.

Customer Seats

Customer Toilets

Staff Toilets

1-20 customers & staff in total

1 Unisex (wheel chair accessible)

Shared with customers

21-50 customers

1 male & 1 female toilet

However as a minimum one of these must be a unisex wheel chair accessible toilet.

  1 for 1-5 employees

2 for 6-25 employees

(on site at any one time)


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