Pavement permits and licences

Pavement licence fast track process

You can use the Pavement licence fast track process if you want to put tables and chairs on the public highway outside your café or restaurant.

The Government has introduced a temporary process to allow businesses to get a licence to place furniture, such as tables and chairs outside of cafes, bars and restaurants.

This process will help you to operate your business using social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The new process will allow you to get a Pavement licence within 14 days.

Sufficient Toilet provision

Regardless of whether you apply for a pavement permit or a pavement licence you must ensure that you have sufficient toilet provision for the total number of customer seats (inside and outside) that you will have if your licence is granted.

Customer Seats

Customer Toilets

Staff Toilets

1-20 customers & staff in total

1 Unisex (wheel chair accessible)

Shared with customers

21-50 customers

1 male & 1 female toilet

However as a minimum one of these must be a unisex wheel chair accessible toilet.

1 for 1-5 employees

2 for 6-25 employees

(on site at any one time)

You can find guidance on pavement licences on GOV.UK.

Current applications

You can view our list of current applications for Pavement licences.

Apply for a Pavement licence

To apply for a pavement licence you need to download and complete the application form

Apply for a Pavement license

You can email your completed application form to our Licensing team. You must also send us:

  • a scale plan, clearly showing the exact area the tables and chairs will occupy, dimensions of all furniture and dimensions of the proposed area in relation to the highway
  • a copy of your public liability insurance which has to be over £5 million
  • other supporting documents, including photographs of the furniture you are buying, pictures of any barriers with logos
  • a copy of the public notice you have put up, and a photograph of it in place

Once you have emailed your application format and supporting documents, you can pay your application fee of £100 by phone to our Licensing team.

On the day you send us your application, you will also need to display a public notice in a prominent position on your business next to the highway.


Once we receive your application, we will:

  • validate and acknowledge your application within one working day
  • advertise your application on our website
  • allow people to make representations or objections to the application

We will also send a formal consultation and ask for comments from: 

  • Essex County Council Highways
  • Essex Police
  • Essex Fire and Rescue Service
  • our Planning, Economic Development and Environmental Health teams
  • our own Town Centre and Public Realm Manager
  • appropriate District Ward Councillors
  • appropriate town and Parish Councils

If we don't receive any comments or objections, we will grant the Pavement licence, subject to our standard conditions.

If we  receive any comments or objections, we will consider them and either:

  • grant your Pavement licence
  • add further conditions and grant your Pavement licence
  • refuse your application


If we grant your Pavement licence, we will monitor your café or restaurant, to make sure you are complying with the terms of the licence.

Your Pavement licence will be valid for the dates shown on it. Your Pavement licence will expire on 30th September 2021, unless the government amends the legislation.

If we do not make a decision about your application within 14 days, your Pavement licence will be deemed granted. It will still be subject to the standard conditions.

If 'deemed granted', your licence will be valid for one year, starting from the first day after the 14 day application period.

After September 2021

If you want to put furniture on the highway after 30th September 2021, you will need to apply for a Pavement Permit. You will need to allow enough time

  • to get planning permission
  • the 28 day consultation period

You can contact our Licensing team for more information.


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Telephone: 01376 552525