Operator's licence

About Operator's licences

A private hire Operators licence enables you to take bookings for private hire work.

We must license any vehicles you use and drivers you employ. You can't use vehicles or drivers that another authority has licensed.

You need an Operator's licence whether you own the vehicles you are taking bookings for or not.

It is illegal to accept a booking for any vehicle without first being the holder of an operator's licence.

Recording bookings

A private hire operator is duty bound to keep a written record of all bookings.

The record must include:

  • the name of the customer
  • the time of the booking
  • the pick up point
  • the destination
  • the details of the vehicle that you allocated the fare to

Once you have taken the booking, you can pass it on to the driver by radio or word of mouth.

We can visit an operator at any time to examine these records. It is an offence not to allow us reasonable access to the information.


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