Online forms: Report an underage sale/ Unlicensed activity

Please complete this form if you have concerns about any under age sales that maybe taking place such as for alcohol, tobacco, knives, fireworks and other age restricted products to young people.

You can also report any concerns you have about alcohol and tobacco that might be counterfeit or unsafe or if you are aware of any unlicensed tattooists.

Public protection is at the heart of a ground-breaking new initiative from Essex County, Brentwood Borough and Braintree District Councils, that will see Trading Standards and Environmental Health Services join forces.  We aim to provide an enhanced service for the residents of these district and borough councils by improving the flow of intelligence between local communities and the partner agencies and targeting resources accordingly.

Any information that you provide will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Council’s privacy policy.  Your information will however be shared between Braintree District Council and Essex County Council Trading Standards