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Housing Advice and Homelessness

Housing Advice and Homelessness

Already Homeless

If you are already homeless please contact the Housing Options Team using our online form

Housing Enquiry/ Referral Form

The Housing Options Team do not have to provide emergency accommodation to everyone who is homeless but we will assess your situation and give you a Personal Housing Plan, which sets out reasonable steps for you to take to help you find somewhere to live.

We will treat you as legally homeless if:

  • You have no legal right to live in accommodation anywhere in the world
  • You can’t get into your home i.e. your landlord has locked you out
  • It is not reasonable for you to stay in your home

If the Council has to provide accommodation in an emergency it is likely to be in a hostel but, as the supply of this is limited, it could be emergency accommodation outside this district.

If you are from abroad, your immigration status will affect the help we can give you. Shelter’s guide on housing rights can help you work out what type of support you may be entitled to. 

If you’re 16 or 17 and homeless, we will work with Essex County Council Health and Social Care and make a joint assessment.

If you are a single person 18 or over, the following organisations may be able to help: