Housing swap and mutual exchange

Housing swap and mutual exchange are the same things.

They give people living in housing association or council properties the chance to swap with people living in similar properties.

This means that you may be able to move home without going through the usual housing register and lettings procedures.

You can only go through a housing swap or mutual exchange if both landlords agree to it.

We do not own any housing stock. Eastlight Community Homes is the largest housing association in our district. You can find detailed information about their Mutual Exchange service on their website.

How it works

The exact process for housing swap or mutual exchange can vary slightly between landlords. Generally, you need to follow these steps:

  1. find a property you want to swap to. You can search the House Exchange website for available housing swaps
  2. submit your application
  3. the housing exchange website reviews and accepts your application
  4. the landlord will visit your property
  5. the landlords involved review the information and agree to the swap
  6. you agree moving dates

Register your application

Before you can find someone to swap with, you need to

The HouseExchange website covers housing swaps nationwide. It works in partnership with the Gateway to Homechoice letting scheme.

You can only apply for a housing swap or mutual exchange if you hold a secure or assured tenancy. If you have a starter tenancy, you will need to complete your probation period before you can apply.

Landlords do not have to:

  • allow one of their existing tenants to complete a housing swap or mutual exchange
  • accept a new tenant as a result of a housing swap or mutual exchange 

Landlords often refuse housing swaps or mutual exchanges because of breaches to the tenancy agreement, for example,  rent arrears.


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