Landlord notices

A landlord can seek possession of their property (ask you to leave) for many reasons, including:

  • rent arrears
  • deliberate neglect or disrepair of the property
  • any other breach of a tenancy agreement

A landlord may also want to have the property back for their own reasons.

Assured Shorthold tenancy

Where you have an Assured Shorthold tenancy or similar rights, your landlord must serve you with a valid notice. Once they have done this can seek possession through the County Court.

If your landlord is seeking possession for breach of tenancy they can serve notice on you at any time.

If your landlord wants the property back, they must serve you with at least two months’ or 8 weeks’ notice. The notice period cannot expire until after the end of the fixed term of your tenancy.

If your landlord is a resident in the same property as you, your rights will be quite limited. Your landlord wily only have to give you ‘reasonable’ notice, and does not need a court order to evict you.

Served with notice by your landlord

If your landlord serves you notice, you should contact a Housing Options Officer immediately. We will check the notice is valid, and speak to your landlord to try and prevent you becoming homeless. We will also try to help you secure alternative accommodation before you have to leave.

If a mortgage lender is looking to re-possess a property from the owner, they must write to the occupier. If you are a tenant and receive such a letter, you should contact the Court immediately asking for a suspension of the possession or eviction.

Other types of tenancy

There are other types of tenancy, such as:

  • older tenancies which give you more rights to remain in your home
  • licences
  • tied accommodation
  • agricultural tenancies

You should contact our Housing Options Officers who can give you help and advice if you have one of these.

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