Landlord Incentive and Tenancy Sustainment Scheme

We want to support eligible residents to access good quality and affordable homes in the private rented sector.

In order to help achieve this, we have recently introduced our Landlord Incentive and Tenancy Sustainment Scheme.

Our Landlord Offer

If you are a landlord or letting agent, we can help you find a suitable tenant free of charge. We will ensure the following is provided:

  • a cash incentive
  • a dedicated tenancy sustainment service
  • the deposit (up to five weeks rent to be placed in a deposit scheme)
  • the first month’s rent in advance
  • full affordability assessments on any potential tenants we put forward to you.
  • No fees. No commission. We provide a free service, so there is no commission to pay and no hidden charges.

Tenancy Sustainment Service

Our Tenancy Sustainment Officer will:

  • work with and provide ongoing support to all tenants who have been supported into the Private Rented Sector
  • be a point of contact for Landlords (whose tenants have been placed via the Landlord Incentive and Tenancy Sustainment Scheme)
  • ensure that tenants/customers are referred and signposted in line with any support needs identified
  • work towards building and strengthening our relationships with Private Rented Sector Landlords

Landlord Cash Incentive Options

Our main Landlord incentive options are:

12-month tenancy agreement

We will offer the equivalent of one month’s rent as an incentive payment for a 12-month tenancy agreement.

24-month tenancy agreement

We will offer 1.5 times one month’s rent as an incentive payment for a 24-month tenancy agreement.

Local Housing Allowance Rate rent offers:

Where a Landlord is willing to offer a tenancy agreement with a Local Housing Allowance Rate rent we will offer an incentive payment of 10% of the annual Local Housing Allowance Rate combined with a one-off incremental incentive payment.

The one-off incentive payment amount would depend on the size of the property:

  • 1 bedroom property = £1000 incentive payment
  • 2 bedroom property = £1250 incentive payment
  • 3 bedroom property = £1500 incentive payment
  • 4 bedroom property = £2000 incentive payment

10% of Local Housing Allowance Rate per 12-month tenancy:

  • 1 bedroom property = £629.99 to £780 (plus £1000 incentive payment)
  • 2 bedroom property = £827.98 to £954 (plus £1250 incentive payment)
  • 3 bedroom property = £1020.02 to £1181.98 (plus £1500 incentive payment)
  • 4 bedroom property = £1320 to £1554.01 (plus £2000 incentive payments)

For example, if a Landlord agrees a Local Housing Allowance Rate rent on a three bedroom property in Witham then the total incentive payment would be £2681.98.

An additional incentive payment of £500 will be offered if a 24-month tenancy agreement is offered at Local Housing Allowance Rate rent instead of a 12 month tenancy agreement.

What are our landlords saying about us?

"Debbie assisted us in finding a suitable tenant for our property. We found Debbie to be extremely helpful and honest about the customer’s situation and very responsive to our emails. This all assisted with a fast and smooth move in within 1 week. We also received a Landlord Incentive Payment, which was very welcome. We would not hesitate to work with Debbie and Braintree District Council again."

To qualify for the scheme, your property must be within the Braintree District or the surrounding area. You will also need to provide:

  • a copy of your energy performance certificate (EPC)
  • a copy of your gas safety certificate (if applicable)
  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)
  • ‘how to rent’ document
  • the tenancy agreement
  • a copy of the deposit protection scheme certificate.

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