Braintree Street Market

New monthly street markets will be running throughout the year to help enhance and revitalise the market. We are building the market and attracting new traders so every month there will be something new to explore.

If you would like to support the growth of the Braintree Street Market, come and enjoy the new stalls, stop for a spot of lunch from one of the gourmet food trucks and try the speciality food and drink.

Market Dates

The links below show which traders will be at the markets on the stated dates


Complete our online application form to apply to trade at one of our markets


Traders for the street market to be there to trade for 8.30am and to not pack up before 3pm. The latest trading hour is 6.30pm


The Market runs through Braintree Town Centre from Manor Street through Manor Place along the High Street and up Bank Street.


Car park information

See information on local car parks to enjoy what's on offer in the markets town centre.