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Green Heart of Essex

Green Heart of Essex

Working together

Street wardens

But it is working with our partners, parish councils, members of the public and voluntary organizations that have achieved the greatest results.

  • Local residents joined our campaigns, litter picked their local areas, planted trees and shrubs and supported community projects.
  • Businesses - extending their cleaning boundaries, displayed campaign messages, cleaned graffiti, reported litterers, sponsored projects and more.
  • Schools supported our zero tolerance approach to litter, created allotments and outdoor classrooms.
  • Parishes organised community clean ups and local tree, shrub and bulb planting.
  • Essex police supported our enforcement team when approaching litter offenders.
  • Housing associations undertook ‘blitz days’ on local housing estates.
  • Cross departmental working – taking a joined up approach to tackling projects and achieving better outcomes.  For example: The Street Wardens, our Clean Team, Enforcement Team and Marketing Team worked together to tackle 50 known problem areas ‘grot spots’.  The district has seen every single ‘grot spot’ improve from a ‘c’ to a ‘b’ grade, this has been achieved with a combination of tough proactive enforcement, focused cleaning activity and campaigning.