Grey bins

Grey waste bins

We provide a wheeled grey bin for the waste that you cannot recycle or compost.

You can search and find more details on what can and cannot go in your grey bin.

A 180 litre bin is big enough for a family of up to four people, if you separate out all your recyclable waste.

If you run a business from home, you cannot dispose of any waste arising from it with your domestic waste. You can look at our pages on commercial waste to see how we can help you.

If you have lost or damaged your bin, you can ask for a new one online. There is no charge to replace your bin. If you would like to apply for a larger or additional bin, please see the link further down the page. 

Request a replacement bin

To complete this form, you will need to tell us:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • what bin you need replaced


You should continue to disinfect bin handles and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time you put your bin out and bring it back in.

Remember, you should not put PPE such as face coverings or gloves in your recycling sacks. You should instead put these in your general rubbish collection, your grey bin or black sack.

You should read the government advice if you are self-isolating, either as a precaution or because you have Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thank you for your continued messages of support and kindness that you have shared with our staff and collection crews.


How to dispose of waste if you are self-isolating or have Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are self-isolating, either as a precaution or because you have Coronavirus (COVID-19), you should:

  • double bag all personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths, securely in plastic bags or bin liners
  • store these bags separately to other waste for at least 72 hours before placing in your general rubbish collection
  • treat your regular household recycling and waste as normal. You cannot place tissues in your recycling

You can visit the Love Essex website for updates on the Coronavirus impact on waste services in Essex. 

What can go in your grey bin

You can put most non-recyclable waste in your grey bin such as:

  • bubble wrap
  • cling film, plastic film, cellophane and fruit nets
  • crisp and snack packets
  • dirty, wet or greasy card or paper
  • hard plastics
  • nappies and sanitary products
  • pet bedding, cat litter and faeces
  • polystyrene packaging
  • porcelain and ceramics
  • tissues, tissue paper, napkins and wipes
  • wallpaper
  • wipes and used paper towel

What can't go in your grey bin

We can't empty your grey bin if you put in:

  • bricks, rubble, bags of concrete, plasterboard, asbestos
  • car and motorbike parts, tyres
  • commercial, industrial or clinical waste
  • electrical items
  • hazardous waste such as batteries, pesticides and so on
  • waste from house clearances

We will only collect waste that is in the bin with the lid shut. We will not collect additional bags on top of or near the bin.

Apply for a larger bin

You may qualify for a larger bin if:

  • you have a larger family
  • you have one or more members in disposable nappies or incontinence pads
  • you have a household member who has a medical condition that generates significant additional waste

There is no charge for larger or additional bins.

Apply for a larger bin

We do not take pet waste into account when assessing for a larger bin.

You should recycle all recyclable waste including food waste and glass bottles and jars. We carry out monitoring to check that you put your recycling and food waste out for collection.

We reserve the right to review grey bin capacity periodically. We may withdraw additional or larger bins if your circumstances have changed.

Once we have accepted your request for an additional or larger grey bin, we will deliver it within 14 working days.

When we collect grey bins

We collect grey bins fortnightly all year.

You can find your collection dates  online or on your collection calendar.

We will only collect waste that is in the bin with the lid shut. We will not collect additional bags on top or near the bin. 

Assisted collections

We understand that not everyone is able to bring their bins to the collection point.

We offer assistance where there is a genuine need. Find out more about requesting an assisted collection.

Storing your bins

You should store your wheeled grey bin within the boundary of your property between collections. You should only put your bin out for collection by 7am on the day of your collection.

Leaving bins or waste outside the boundary of your property between collections is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.



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