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Green Heart of Essex

Green Heart of Essex

A cleaner district

The district’s roads and town centres are noticeably and measurably cleaner, this has been delivered through a series of initiatives including:

  • Extended cleaning hours into the evenings and weekends 
  • Rapid response team to deal with reports from residents and tackle our ‘grot spot’ areas which have now all improved in their standards of cleanliness.
  • ‘Barrow beats’ – introduced a street cleaner with a barrow in each of our three town centres. 
  • New cleaning schedules on strategic routes were created to increase the frequency of litter picking on major routes in the district and new larger bins were put in lay-bys along main routes.
  • Mechanical sweeping and litter picking of the Braintree by-pass central reservation – using controlled night time traffic management two major clean ups of the A120 were carried out.
  • Cleaning and upgrading of bring bank sites – new cleaning schedules are now in place twice a year and includes replacement of labels, padlocks, cleaning signage, washing bins inside and out, cleaning lids and updating recycling performance.
  • Recycling on the go bins – special recycling litter bins have been installed in Witham and Braintree, to improve recycling in town centres and reduce litter going to landfill.
  • Education and promotional campaigns on fast food litter, dog mess, smoking related litter and car litter have achieved substantial reductions in litter in targeted areas.
  • A larger, high visibility, cross-council enforcement team has significantly raised the profile of environmental enforcement in the district.