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Green Heart of Essex

Green Heart of Essex

Improving residents' satisfaction

In recent years residents’ satisfaction with the cleanliness of the district fell from 68% (2006 BVPI Survey) to 64% (2008 Place survey).  By the end of the Green Heart programme satisfaction with keeping public land clear of litter has risen from 64% to 87% and satisfaction with the area as a place to live has risen from 79% to 92%.


  • 472 Fixed Penalty Notices issued, a 250% increase 
  • 50 grot spot areas transformed from a ‘c’ grade to a ‘b’ or ‘a’.
  • ‘Tosser’ campaign targeting fast food litterers - 55% reduction in litter
  • ‘Don’t let your area go to the dogs’ – 55% decrease in amounts of poo in targeted areas with one area showing a 98% improvement.
  • ‘See it – report it’ – almost 12,000 reports received from residents.
  • ‘Is your butt worth £75’ – 48% reduction in cigarette related litter
  • 35% reduction in litter on school runs.
  • 1000 plants giveaway – residents took the opportunity to claim a free ‘bee and butterfly friendly’ plant an initiative sponsored by a local garden centre.
  • A host of golden daffodils parishes planted more than 200,000 daffodil bulbs 
  • Free Trees to Cut Carbon – parish councils, schools and community planted 900 native trees.
  • Jubilee Oaks offered every village and town the opportunity to plant an Oak to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  77 oak trees were planted.
  • 11 parks are designated Queen Elizabeth Fields and will be protected for 99 years.
  • Recycling rates hit 60% within the lifetime of the Green Heart.
  • National Recognition – The Galleys Corner project won the Innovation award and overall top prize in the national Keep Britain Tidy Awards 2011.  The Green Heart of Essex campaign was a finalist in the prestigious Municipal Journal Awards in the category ‘Delivering better outcomes’ and runner up in the ‘Changing Behaviour’ category at the Keep Britain Tidy Awards this year.