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Supporting and getting involved in the Green Heart

Supporting and getting involved in the Green Heart

The Galleys Corner Partnership

Which businesses are within the partnership? 

  • Mc Donalds
  • Mc Donalds
  • KFC 
  • Premier Inn
  • Seat 
  • Wyevale 
  • Westdrive 
  • Busy Bees 
and Essex Police! 

These businesses signed up to the Green Heart programme and formed a group entitled The Galleys Corner Partnership.  The aim of the partnership is to work together to tackle environmental quality.  The businesses involved recognised that the project would be mutually beneficial and help to provide potential and existing customers with an improved image of their business.

Winning a Keep Britain Tidy Award in 2011

In March 2011, this innovative partnership received first prize in the Innovation category before winning best overall project at the National Keep Britain Tidy Awards.

Through the partnership we have:
  • Put anti litter messages on all take-away food packaging
  • Held education and enforcement weekends
  • Produced anti-litter posters and banners for the area
  • Provided car litter bags, air fresheners and portable ashtrays
  • Issued 174 Fixed Penalty Notices

Thanks to the business involvement we have seen significant reductions in litter.  In the projects first 6 months the area has consistently improved its COPLA rating from a C to a B.

The Essex Police force became key partners within the project, initially bought on board to deal with late night offences, their involvement allowed us to extend the scope and reach of the project to tackle other areas of anti-social behaviour and extend the success of the campaign to the Freeport designer outlet village where they had been experiencing similar problems. The Council’s enforcement officers teamed up with the police and undertook joint patrols and issued a number of on the spot fines.

Wyevale has recently joined the partnership and have offered their expertise to improve the overall appearance of the gateway to Galleys Corner with a planting scheme.

Within the Braintree District we have 58 fast food establishments and 128 public houses/hotels there is still much work to do with all these establishments to involve them in our plans and objectives through the Green Heart Programme.