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Clear Sacks - Kerbside recycling

Clear Sacks - Kerbside recycling

Where does my recycling go?

The materials we collect are separated in a Waste Transfer Station and then transferred to reprocessing plants in the UK where they are treated as follows:

  • Food waste is taken to an Anaerobic Digestion plant, where it's transformed into soil fertiliser and energy;
  • Recycling (contained in the clear sacks) is taken to a Material Recovery Facility plant. At the plant it is sorted in the various materials and sub-types (different polymers for plastic, different types and qualities for paper, cardboard and tins) and then transferred to other plants where each material can be reprocessed into new items;
  • Garden waste is taken to an Open Windrow composting plant, where it will become compost;
  • Glass is separated by colour and taken to a reprocessing plant, where it is transformed into new glass bottles and jars.

Our refuse does not go to landfill, but it is treated in a Mechanical Biological Treatment plant, where what is still recyclable is extracted and the rest is shredded to make pellets, materials for construction and energy.