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Clear Sacks - Kerbside recycling

Clear Sacks - Kerbside recycling

Where does my recycling go?

The materials we collect are separated in a Waste Transfer Station and then transferred to reprocessing plants in the UK where they are treated as follows:

  • Food waste is taken to an Anaerobic Digestion plant, where it's transformed into soil fertiliser and energy;
  • Recycling (contained in the clear sacks) is taken to a Material Recovery Facility plant. At the plant it is sorted in the various materials and sub-types (different polymers for plastic, different types and qualities for paper, cardboard and tins) and then transferred to other plants where each material can be reprocessed into new items;
  • Garden waste is taken to an Open Windrow composting plant, where it will become compost;
  • Glass is separated by colour and taken to a reprocessing plant, where it is transformed into new glass bottles and jars.

Most kerbside-collected, black bag or ‘residual’ waste in Essex is currently processed at the Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) facility in Basildon. Recyclable materials such as paper, card and plastics are extracted from the black bag waste at the facility, manually and/or mechanically, and sent for recycling.