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Recycling centres & recycling banks

Recycling centres & recycling banks

Recycling centres & recycling banks

Your local recycling banks

Your local recycling banks are provided by Braintree District Council for recycling glass bottles and jars. Please leave tops on bottles and jars as they will be recycled, together with glass, in the same facility. Please note that kitchenware, pyrex and glasses cannot be recycled.

Some sites also have banks for textiles and shoes, paper, plastic bottles, cans.

Your nearest recycling bank can be found on the Recycle More website by entering your postcode into the search box below:

Essex County Council's recycling centres in the Braintree District

The main ECC Recycling Centres are at Springwood Drive, Braintree CM7 2YN and Perry Road, Witham CM8 3YZ. They have a wide range of skips and bins for recycling all sorts of household items, including energy saving light bulbs. 30 litre bags of green waste soil improver can be purchased at these recycling centres. Please ask a site attendant.

Find out where to dispose of specific materials by viewing the Essex Recyling and Waste Directory