Online forms: Application for a larger or additional grey wheeled bin

The standard 180 litre bin is considered sufficient for a family of up to four people, providing all recyclable waste is separated out.

If you run a business from home, please note that any waste arising from this cannot be disposed of with your domestic waste. For advice on commercial waste collections, please contact our Customer Services Centre on 01376 552525 or complete our Commercial waste form.

Please note pet waste is not taken into account when assessing for a larger bin. Find out more information on pet waste.

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Please be aware this form will timeout if inactive for a period of 10 minutes.

You may qualify for a larger bin if:

  • You are a permanent household of 5 or more people
  • You are a permanent household of 4 and :-
    • You have one or more children in disposable nappies; or
    • a household member(s) who uses incontinence pads; and/or
    • a household member who has a medical condition that generates significant additional waste.

Please note that all households are expected to recycle all recyclable waste including their food waste and glass bottles/jars. Monitoring is carried out to check that recycling and food waste are presented for collection.

Braintree District Council reserves the right to review grey bin capacity periodically and may withdraw additional/larger bins if your circumstances have changed.

If I am successful, how long will it take for my bin to arrive? We aim to deliver larger or additional bins within fourteen working days.