Marketing appraisals - Planning validation requirements

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A marketing appraisal looks at the likely demand for your development, how you will approach the sale of the development and the likely pricing structure. 


The assessment report you submit should include an executive summary and be clear, easy to read and jargon free. 

Your marketing appraisal must be drawn up by a suitable qualified professional. It must incude details of: 

  • the marketing agent and their credentials 
  • the marketing of the site 
  • responses received 
  • offers made 
  • how long the site has been and will be marketed for 
  • the terms on which the unit is offered, including the sale price 
  • evidence to support the sale price value that you are asking for  

Your marketing appraisal may have to include more information depending on the details of your proposed development: 

  • A technical appraisal may be needed showing the demand for the type of use and site in the wider locality. For example a proposal for more than 10 holiday lets 
  • Details of a marketing agent specialising in areas where sales cannot be covered by a traditional estate agent. For example a public house, removal of agricultural tie 

You can get help and advice from our Duty Planner on marketing appraisals  and other types of planning applications. 

You can get detailed feedback on your proposal by using our pre-application advice service

Personal and confidential statement 

We may publish any information you submit as part of your application. You must tell us if there is any information you do not want us to publish when you submit your application.  

If however, we believe that this information is in the public interest, we reserve the right to publish it.  

We may also decide parts of your submission are not in the public interest and may redact this information. This information may include telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures. 

When you need to submit this information

Depending on the details of your application, you may have to submit a contamination risk assessment when you are making an application for: 

If your application is for one of these types of planning permission, you need to submit a marketing appraisal if your proposal includes: 

  • removal of rural occupancy conditions 
  • loss of commercial premises in the countryside 
  • residential re-use of rural buildings in the countryside 
  • change of use from a B1 Office to a non-employment or community use 
  • A1 shop to a non-employment or community use 
  • C1 hotel to a non-employment or community use 
  • D2 leisure to a non-employment or community use 
  • the loss of village public house 
Validation requirements

Required by 

  • Local requirement. You can find details of this requirement in: 
  • Local plan policy - LPP38
  • Local plan policy - LPP40
  • Local plan policy - LPP57
  • Local plan policy - LPP11

These policies can be found in the Local Plan 2013 - 2033 document