Outline permission with all reserved matters - Planning validation requirements

Application type information


You can make an application for outline planning permission. This allows us to make a decision on the general principles of how you propose to develop the site. 

If we grant outline planning permission, we will make it subject to conditions requiring further approval of one or more reserved matters. 


You can get help and advice from our Duty Planner on outline permission with all matters reserved and other types of planning applications. 

You can get detailed feedback on your proposal by using our pre-application advice service

Documents that are always required

You must submit the following as part of your planning application: 

Documents that are sometimes required

Depending on the details of your application, you may have to submit one or more of the following documents and information: 

  • Members and employees; On your application you must tell us if you are a Member of Braintree District Council or employed by us. We will determine any applications from Members or employees at a Planning Committee meeting. 
  • Affordable housing statement; needed if your application is for a new residential major development 
  • Agricultural statement; needed if your application is for: 
    • an agricultural related development in the countryside  
    • a new agricultural workers dwellings 
    • removal of conditions on a previous application  
  • Agricultural workers dwelling; needed if your application is for agricultural workers dwellings only 
  • Air quality statement; needed if your application is for a development that: 
    • may be exposed to poor air quality 
    • may result in emission to air which reduce air quality.  
  • Amendment statement; needed if you are applying for revisions to an approved application 
  • Amenity gardens statement; needed for 
    • all major development applications  
    • all applications for new dwellings 
  • Annexe accommodation justification statement; needed if your application is to create residential annexe accommodation within the curtilage of the host dwelling 
  • Contamination risk assessment; needed if your application is for: 
    • a residential development (houses, flats, nursing homes etc.) 
    • allotments 
    • children's play areas 
    • playing fields 
    • mixed use developments including vulnerable end uses 
    • nurseries, crèches and schools 
  • Design and access statement; needed if your application is for  
    • a major development 
    • one or more dwellings in a conservation area 
    • new buildings in a conservation area over 100m2 
    • development in a World Heritage site. 
  • Environmental impact assessment; needed for 
    • any major development which is of more than local importance 
    • any developments which is proposed for a particularly environmentally sensitive or vulnerable location 
    • any development with unusually complex and potentially hazardous environmental effects 
  • Existing and proposed sections; needed if your application: 
    • proposes changes to site levels 
    • is for a site where existing levels vary more than 1 metre 
    • is to amend a condition that refers to sectional elevations 
  • Flood risk assessment; needed if your application is for a development: 
    • of more 1 hectare or more in Flood Zone 1 
    • is located in Flood Zones 2 and 3 
    • in an area the Environment Agency or the Internal Drainage Boards have indicated there may have drainage problems 
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) You will need to make a HRA RAMS contribution if your proposed development is for:
    • a residential development for a net gain of one or more new dwellings
    •  in our zone of influence
  • Infrastructure and utilities assessment; needed if your application is for a major development  
  • Listed Building Sections; needed if your application includes: 
    • works at upper floor levels, where accommodation is being created beneath the roof. For example within the attic of a house, or the creation of first floor accommodation within a barn conversion 
    • attaching new signage to a listed building. Your listed building section drawings must show how you will attach the sign 
  • Lighting Assessment; needed if your application proposes to incorporate or need lighting.  
  • Marketing appraisal; needed if your application is for: 
    • the removal of agricultural occupancy conditions 
    • the loss of commercial premises in the countryside 
    • the residential re-use of rural buildings in the countryside 
    • in urban areas, a change of use from an B1 (office), A1 (shop), C1 (hotel) or D2 (leisure) use to a non-employment/community use 
    • the loss of a village public house 
  • Noise impact assessment; needed if your application is for  
    • industrial or commercial uses near to residential property 
    • new residential property near to transportation noise sources 
    • new residential property near to existing industrial or commercial premises where industrial noise is the dominant source 
    • new entertainment premises near to residential property 
    • new residential property near to places of entertainment 
  • Open space, other S106 contributions and management plans; needed for all major development applications  
  • Phasing plans; needed for all major development applications where the: 
    • development is to be built out in phases rather than in one go 
    • development is for mixed use 
    • development includes community benefits 
  • Place making strategy; needed for all major development applications 
  • Planning statement; needed for applications that are; 
    • major developments within or next to residential areas 
    • major developments that are departures from the development plan 
    • major developments that are EIA development 
    • major developments that are notifiable to the Secretary of State 
    • minor or other developments that are likely to attract significant community interest 
    • minor or other developments that are complex proposals which need describing 
    • minor or other developments proposals seeking to vary or remove conditions 
  • Proposed site drainage strategy; needed for all major development applications  
  • Site levels; needed if your application is to  
    • is to amend a condition that refers to site levels 
    • is to discharge a condition that refers to site levels 
    • is to remove or vary a condition that refers to site levels 
    • is a proposal where there is a change in levels which would have a material effect in the locality 
  • Statement of community involvement; needed for all major development applications 
  • Transport assessment and travel plan; needed if your application is for a proposal that is likely to have significant transport implications 
  • Tree assessment; needed if your application includes works to protected tree(s). 
  • Viability appraisal; needed if your application: 
    • is for the loss of commercial premises in the countryside 
    • includes a proposal for a reduced S106 contribution