Noise impact assessment - Planning validation requirements

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A noise assessment, is a report that determines the current level of noise at the proposed development. The assessment also predicts the level of impact that the new proposal will have on this existing noise level. 


The report you submit should include an executive summary and be clear, easy to read and jargon free. 

If you need to submit a noise impact assessment but cannot carry it out at the site proposed development site, you should carry it out at a similar site. 

If the only part of your application that needs a noise impact information is an extraction system or condenser unit you may not have to submit a full report. If the manufacturers details of these units include either the 'sound power level' or the 'sound pressure level' this will provide enough information. 

You can also talk to our Environmental Health team for more help and advice. 

You should also read about the requirements for submitting a Fume, extraction and ventilation assessment. 

You can get help and advice from our Duty Planner on noise impact assessments and planning applications. 

You can get detailed feedback on your proposal by using our pre-application advice service

Personal and confidential statement 

We may publish any information you submit as part of your application. You must tell us if there is any information you do not want us to publish when you submit your application.  

If however, we believe that this information is in the public interest, we reserve the right to publish it.  

We may also decide parts of your submission are not in the public interest and may redact this information. This information may include telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures. 

When you need to submit this information

Depending on the details of your application, you may have to submit a contamination risk assessment when you are submitting an application for: 

If your application is for one of these types of planning permission, you need to submit a noise impact assessment f your proposal is for: 

  • a development that may result in noise emissions 
  • any use which is sensitive to noise and may be exposed to noise 
  • a sites located near existing sources of noise, such as an employment area, road, railway lines, in a town centre 
  • a new residential property near to existing industrial or commercial premises where industrial noise is the dominant source 
  • a new entertainment premises near to existing residential property 
  • a new residential property near to places of entertainment 
  • includes a proposal to install new air conditioning  or condenser units 
Validation requirements

Required by 

  • National requirement. You can find details of this requirement in sections 15 and 17 of the National Planning Policy Framework 
  • Local requirement. You can find details of this requirement in: 
    • Local plan policy - LPP70
    • Local plan policy - LPP52
    • Local plan policy - LPP42
    • Local plan policy - LPP63
    • Local plan policy - LPP2
    • Local plan policy - LPP20
    • Local plan policy - LPP78
    • Local plan policy - SP7
    • Local plan policy - SP6
    • Local plan policy - SP5 

These policies can be found in the Local Plan 2013 - 2033 document