Certificate of lawful use – proposed development

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Application type information


You can apply for a lawful development certificate to find out if: 

  • your proposed use of a building is lawful  
  • your proposal doesn’t need planning permission  

You can find a full explanation of lawful development certificates here. 


You can get help and advice from our Duty Planner on lawful development certificates and other types of planning applications. 

You can get detailed feedback on your proposal by using our pre-application advice service

Documents that are always required
Documents that are sometimes required

Depending on the details of your application, you may have to submit one or more of the following documents and information: 

  • Members and employees; On your application you must tell us if you are a Member of Braintree District Council or employed by us. We will determine any applications from Members or employees at a Planning Committee meeting. 
  • Listed Building Sections; needed if your application includes: 
    • works at upper floor levels, where accommodation is being created beneath the roof. For example within the attic of a house, or the creation of first floor accommodation within a barn conversion 
    • attaching new signage to a listed building. Your listed building section drawings must show how you will attach the sign 
  • Site levels; needed if your application is to  
    • is to amend a condition that refers to site levels 
    • is to discharge a condition that refers to site levels 
    • is to remove or vary a condition that refers to site levels 
    • is a proposal where there is a change in levels which would have a material effect in the locality