Premises licence

Dis-apply DPS (community premises)

If you run a community premises that sells alcohol, you can apply for an exemption to the need to have a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). Instead, a committee or management board will take on the responsibilities of a DPS.

As the Premises Licence holder, the management committee are collectively responsible for ensuring compliance with licence conditions and the law. This means that any individual member does not always have to be present at the premises.

If you hire the premises out, you must clearly identify the hirer as having responsibility for matters falling within their control. You can do this under your contract for hire.

If a hirer commits a licensing offence, it is unlikely that we will prosecute the management committee providing you have given the hirer a written summary of their responsibilities under the Act when selling alcohol.

You must apply for a dis-application for your premises. We do not give them automatically in respect of any premises.

Apply to dis-apply a DPS

You can contact our Licensing team if you have any questions about disapplying a DPS.


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