Premises licence

Application for an Interim Authority Notice

The Licensing Act 2003 has special arrangements in place for Premises Licence if the holder:

  • dies suddenly
  • becomes insolvent
  • is mentally incapable

Normally, the licence would lapse in such circumstances. However, this could affect people with interests in the premises, such as:

  • an owner
  • lessor
  • employees working at the premises

It could also bring unnecessary disruption to customers' plans.

In such cases, you can give us an Interim Authority Notice. An Interim Authority Notice:

  • reinstates the Premises licence
  • makes the person giving the notice the licence holder

You must submit the Interim Authority Notice within 28 days, from the day after the licence lapsed.

Apply for an Interim Authority Notice

You can contact our Licensing team if you have any questions about Interim Authority Notices.


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