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Hackney carriage (taxis) and private hire vehicles (PHVs)

Hackney carriage (taxis) and private hire vehicles (PHVs)

Hackney Carriage (Taxis) and Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs)

We have a responsibility to provide information regarding your rights to using Taxis and PHVs in the Braintree District.

Any vehicle which is used for the purpose of conveying passengers for hire or reward must be properly licensed to do so. This means that the drivers are all vetted and the vehicles regularly inspected and correctly insured.

We have provided this information to help you understand your rights when using taxis and PHVs, how they are regulated, and how to recognise legitimate taxis and PHVs. We have also included information to help you make a complaint about a taxi or PHV in the event that you are dissatisfied with a service you have received.