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Report fly-tipping

Report fly-tipping


Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is the unauthorised depositing of waste on any land that does not have a licence or permit from the Environment Agency.

Anyone who has committed this offence may be prosecuted under Section 33 of Environmental Protection Act 1990 which could be an unlimited fine and/or 5 years imprisonment.

Householders should be aware that if they give waste to another person who then fly-tips, if they are unable to assist the officers in their investigation, they may be prosecuted under the Duty of Care requirements.

Any person who collects waste for payment should be registered with the Environment Agency to transport waste and should provide the householder with a receipt for the waste taken.

What we will do

  • Investigate all reported incidents of fly-tipped waste on highways and public land.
  • Prosecute offenders whenever possible.
  • Publicise instances of fly-tipping to encourage members of the public to report offenders.
  • Monitor fly tipping hot spots on a regular basis and remove any waste and install covert CCTV in areas that are subject to regular fly tipping.
  • Advise private landowners where their land is subject to regular fly-tipping.

What we will not do

  • Remove waste from private land except in exceptional circumstances for which there may be a charge.

Target and Response Times

Our Clean Teams will generally remove fly-tipped waste within 24 hours of it being reported or, in the case of excessive amounts, within 5 working days.  In cases where specialist equipment or contractors are required to remove a fly-tip (hazardous waste etc.) this may take longer.