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Landlord Advice

Landlord Advice

Information for Landlords

At Braintree District Council we provide two schemes that help people who are on a low income pay their rent and Council Tax. These two schemes are Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support.

For tenants renting from private landlords a number of factors are used to establish entitlement these will include the Local Housing Allowance, the tenant’s income, capital and other household circumstances.

Local Housing Allowance

View the current LHA Rates for Braintree District

Providing information about the tenancy

An applicant for Housing Benefit may be asked to provide information about their tenancy as well as proof of their income and other factors. Your tenant may ask for you to complete a 'Landlords form' which provides key details of the tenancy.

Landlords form

Housing Benefit Payments

Housing Benefit is usually paid to the tenant. The tenant is responsible for paying the rent to the landlord. In exceptional circumstances Braintree District Council may pay Housing Benefit directly to landlord. The tenant will need to complete the form below if relevant and we will make a consider payment direct to landlord or agent. For further information please read the direct payment policy.

Housing benefit direct payment form

If your tenant is in arrears with their rent we may consider paying direct to you

  • The tenant must be 8 or more week's in arrears of rent.
  • You must contact this office if your tenant has 8 or more weeks rent arrears. Please confirm the total amount of arrears and provide proof such as a bank statement for the account the rent was previously paid into.
  • We will only pay Housing Benefit direct to the landlord until there are no longer 8 or more weeks rent arrears. If there is a dispute between tenant and landlord regarding the amount of rent arrears, Housing Benefit payments will be suspended whilst we investigate.

Sharing Information

Braintree District Council can only discuss a Housing Benefit claim with a landlord if the tenant has given their permission. There is a form available for your tenant to complete and sign so that we may discuss more detail with you.

Disclosure form

If your tenant completes the online Housing and Council Tax claim form they can give authority for data sharing as part of the claims process.

Changes of Circumstances

It is important as a landlord that you:

Notify Braintree District Council promptly regarding tenants moving in or out

Report changes in circumstances that may affect your tenants entitlement if Housing Benefit payments are paid directly to you. Your tenant is also responsible to report changes.