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Apply for Council Tax Support

Apply for Council Tax Support

Second Adult Rebate for pensionable age claimants only

If you are not entitled to Council Tax benefit due to high income or savings, you could still receive up to 25% off your bill if there is a second adult or adults occupying your home.  Second adults must be on a low income in order for you to qualify for second adult rebate. 

If you wish to claim this rebate then the second adult or adults sharing your home must not be:

  • Your partner
  • Paying rent
  • Liable for the Council Tax
  • A joint owner or tenant
  • Already disregarded for a discount on your Council Tax bill: for example you must not be getting a student discount of 25%

If you make a claim for council tax support, our system will automatically look at whether Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate will give you the biggest reduction off your Council Tax bill and award the Benefit or rebate that will suit your needs.