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For some working age customers who are making a new claim, or have a change in their circumstance, Housing Benefit payments will be replaced by Universal Credit in this area from 18th October 2017 depending on your postcode, unless your are in supported accommodation or have more than 3 children then you can continue to claim housing benefit using the form below.

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Who is entitled to Housing Benefits?

Almost everyone with a low income or on benefits who pay rent and/or has a liability to pay council tax could receive help towards their payments.

  • If you have savings and investments totalling more than £16,000 (apart from some pensioners on Guarantee Pension credit) you are not likely to receive help.

Housing benefit is available for housing association and private tenants who are entitled to help with their rent. How much help is available varies according to:

  • Family circumstances
  • Income and savings
  • The people you have living with you.
  • Outgoings are not taken into account.

Am I eligible for Housing Benefits?

To determine if you qualify for any benefit, use the online benefits adviser calculator which will also give you an indication of any possible award that may be given to you.

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What do I need to make a claim?

We must see the latest original documents supplied with your application and we need the same proof for you, your partner (if you have one) and any other adults living in your home.

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