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Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Section 1 Examination Publication Local Plan

Further Work For The Inspector

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North Essex Authorities - Section 1 Technical Consultation

The North Essex Authorities are undertaking a Technical Consultation on the Additional Sustainability Appraisal, additional evidence base documents and the suggested amendments to Section 1. The Inspector has produced an Explanatory Note (IED016) to accompany the Consultation which runs until 5pm on Monday 30th September 2019.

A response form with guidance notes can be downloaded and returned. 

Further (Draft) Evidence Base Documents: Published July 2019

The North Essex Authorities have prepared the revised evidence base documents and the additional Sustainability Appraisal which appear below, in response to the Inspector’s interim findings on the Section 1 Plan (see the Inspector’s post-hearing letter of 8 June 2018, document IED011).  The NEAs have also prepared a full set of suggested amendments to the Section 1 Plan in response to discussions at the previous Examination hearing sessions; in response to the Inspector’s interim findings; and in response to the findings of the revised evidence base.  The suggested amendments also appear below.

All the documents published on this webpage were approved by the elected members of the three North Essex Authorities, at meetings held between 11 July and 6 August 2019. 

 After the consultation has closed and the responses have been considered, the Inspector intends to hold further hearing sessions as part of his examination of the soundness and legal compliance of the Section 1 Plan.  These will include discussion of the revised evidence base documents, the additional Sustainability Appraisal and the NEAs’ suggested amendments, and the responses to them made during consultation.  Those responding to the consultation will be invited to indicate whether or not they wish to appear at further hearing session(s).


Additional Sustainability Appraisal (SA) work in support of the Section 1 Local Plan.

SA methodology Consultation 14th December 2018 - 5pm 1st February 2019. The document and the responses received can be viewed on the consultation portal.

SA Check and Challenge Workshop 28th March 2019 - Meeting Note & Presentation slides.  

Updated 19th August 2019