Prior approval Sui generis uses to dwellinghouses - Planning validation requirements

Planning document information

You can perform some types of work without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called permitted development rights 

Permitted development rights are granted under an act of Parliament and not but us. 

However, different types of development have different limitations and conditions that your proposal must comply with. 

If your proposal falls under permitted development, you will need to submit an application so that we can give our prior approval.  

Your application for prior approval allows us to: 

  • consider your proposal 
  • its likely impact on things like transport and highways 
  • understand how you might mitigate any impacts 

You must not start work on your development until we have issued our decision. You can also start work, if we haven’t made a decision within eight weeks of receiving your valid application. 

You can find out more about prior approvals on the Planning Portal.  


You can get help and advice from our Duty Planner on permitted development, prior approvals and other types of planning applications. 

You can get detailed feedback on your proposal by using our pre-application advice service

Documents that are always required

To make a valid prior approval application you must submit: 

  • an application form or written description of your proposed development, 
  • plans showing the proposed development
  • location plan showing the proposed site 
  • the developer's contact details 
  • Application fee
  • floor plan indicating the dimensions and proposed use of each room, the position and dimensions of windows, doors and walls, and the existing and proposed elevations of the building
  • a statement specifying the net increase in dwellinghouses proposed by the development (for the purposes of this sub-paragraph, “net increase in dwellinghouses” is the number of dwellinghouses proposed by the development that is additional to the number of dwellinghouses on the site immediately prior to the development

On your application you must tell us if you are a Member of Braintree District Council or employed by us. Any applications from Members or employees will be determined at Planning Committee. 

When you need to submit this information

Depending on the details of your proposed work, we can ask you to supply further information to 

  • support your prior approval application 
  • help the public to understand your proposal 

Before submitting your application for prior approval you should read: 

Both of these pieces of legislation refer to applications for prior approval. Based on how this legislation affects your proposal, we may ask you to submit an environmental statement as part of your application. 

  • Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) You will need to make a HRA RAMS contribution if your proposed development is for:
    • a residential development for a net gain of one or more new dwellings
    •  in our zone of influence