Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour powers

The government have designed antisocial behaviour powers to be flexible, allowing professionals to adapt them to protect victims in a wide range of situations.

The Police, councils, housing providers and others work together and share information to deal with the problems quickly and effectively.

The range of antisocial behaviour powers include:

  • Criminal Behaviour Order
  • Dispersal Power
  • Community Protection Notice
  • Public Spaces Protection Order
  • Closure Power
  • absolute ground for possession

You can find out more about antisocial behaviour powers  on GOV.UK.

Anti-Social Behaviour Protocol

Local authorities have a duty to investigate anti-social behaviour (ASB) affecting residents and local communities and have a range of tools and powers to take action against those causing the anti-social behaviour if it is deemed unacceptable.   
We recognise that anti-social behaviour can have a negative impact on the quality of life of residents within our District. We are committed to working in partnership with residents and partner agencies to ensure a fair approach is taken to dealing with instances of anti social behaviour. 
Our Anti-Social Behaviour protocol sets out the broad approach to anti social behaviour and the principles on which it is founded. 

Data Protection

The work to combat crime and disorder involves the sharing of relevant personal details between agencies.

We record and store incidents of anti-social behaviour and personal details of people involved in them. We may pass this data to other authorities.

We store and share data in line with our privacy policy.

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