Health and safety

Health and safety inspections

We operate a continuous programme of workplace inspections.

We target our health and safety interventions based on:

  • guidance from the HSE
  • where there is the highest potential risk using an officer's findings from a previous visit

We base our risk assessment on four factors:

  1. confidence in management
  2. safety performance
  3. health performance
  4. welfare standards

Types of intervention and inspection frequency in higher-risk premises

We base how often we inspect a premises and the type of intervention on its risk profile:

High Risk

Category A premises. We will carry out inspections at least once a year

Medium risk

Category B1 and B1 premises. We will carry out an inspection when:

  • a directed programme is in place
  • there is a new employer at a premises
  • an employer occupies a new premises
  • as part of our own local initiative

Low Risk

Category C. We will use non-inspection and non-intervention methods for low-risk premises.

Health and Safety

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