Pest control services; fleas

Treatment guidance; fleas

Before your treatment

To make sure your treatment is effective, before your visit you must::

  • get a vet to treat any pets so they do not return fleas to your property; evidence of vet treatment must be provided
  • move all the furniture to the centre of the room, where possible
  • hoover floors thoroughly, focusing especially round skirting boards and under furniture

After your treatment

To make sure your treatment is effective, after your visit you must:

  • keep animals and people away from the treated area until the floors are completely dry
  • do not wash floors for 10 days after the treatment
  • once the treated area is dry hoover thoroughly on a daily basis paying particular attention to the edges of rooms and cracks in floorboards.

Only hoovering will get rid of flea larvae. If your hoover uses a bag, make sure you dispose of it immediately after you have hoovered. If it is a bagless hoover, empty the contents into a bag outside and place in your grey bin.

Normally one treatment is enough to deal with your problem.. However, if the treatment does not work within 10-14 days of the treatment, we will make one revisit. You revisit is free of charge as long as you have followed the flea treatment guidance. If you have not followed the guidance we will charge you for a new booking.

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