Where to report flooding

If there is danger to life as a result of flooding dial 999.

Flooding can arise from many sources e.g. rivers, surface water, highways, sewers.  You will need to contact different organisations to report different types of flooding. 

To check who is responsible for which type of flooding and to report a flood visit the flood Essex website.


If you have been affected by flooding you can apply for a home or community grant.

Different agencies deal with different types of flooding.

You need to report flooding to the right agency.

Highway flooding; Essex Highways

Report a flooded highway

Highway gullies and drains can become blocked and overflow quickly. This often happens after heavy rainfall washes stones, mud, or sticks from fields onto the highway.

River flooding; Environment Agency

Report river flooding

Rivers and streams flood when they can’t hold the amount of water draining into them from surrounding land.

Reservoir flooding; Environment Agency

Report flooding from a reservoir

Reservoirs are usually formed by building a dam across a river. If the dam fails water could escape from the reservoir flooding land or properties.

Sewer flooding; Water Providers

Report sewer flooding with Anglian Water

Report sewer flooding with Thames Water (on behalf of Essex and Suffolk Water)

Sewers flood when the sewerage pipes in a community become blocked or overloaded by large quantities of water. This happens after heavy rainfall or snowmelt. Sewer flooding and cause pollution.

The water utility companies in our district look after sewer flooding. This is either Anglian Water or Essex and Suffolk Water.

Emergency Planning

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525