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Building notice application

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

During the restrictions for Coronavirus (COVID-19), our office is open to visitors by appointment only. The best way to submit documents and applications is online or by email. You can still use the letterbox at Causeway House to submit documents, which we will collect regularly.

This type of application is only for smaller projects.

If you submit a building notice, we do not need to see plans so the process is quicker than submitting full plans. A building notice helps you to start work quickly, but is most appropriate for small work.

You need to be confident that your work will comply with the building regulations if you submit a building notice.

You can start work 48 hours after you have submitted your building notice, and do not need to wait for a decision notice from us.

Your building notice will be valid for three years from the date we received it.

Make a build notice application 

For a building notice, you need to submit:

  • one copy of the application form
  • a plan of the site if you are building a new house or extension, showing its size and position
  • the correct payment

You can look at our fees and charges to work out how much you have to pay.

You can make your payment by:

  • sending us a cheque
  • phoning our Customer Services team and using a debit or credit card

You can contact us if you are not sure how much you have to pay.

We can only carry our site inspections after you have paid your application fee.

We will issue a completion certificate when you have finished the work, providing that:

  • you have notified us at the correct stages of the building works
  • and the work is satisfactory

Building Control

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 557781