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See how local community groups are tackling climate change.

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Eco Colnes & Halstead

Cherry began her eco-journey by starting to make small changes around her home.

She took steps by doing simple things like turning the tap off whilst brushing her teeth and switching lights off when not in the room. She made sure to check if her waste was recyclable and took the plugs out of sockets when not charging her phone.

But for Cherry that wasn’t enough. Cherry has decided to open a refill shop this December. Cherry has brought together a local community group of over 1,200 members sharing ideas and tips on what else we can do to help save our planet.

As a member of Braintree District Council’s Climate Change Working Group, Cherry represents a local community voice.

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Incredible Edible

Incredible Edible began with two women in Todmorden. It has now branched out into an international network of Community Gardens. They grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers for the benefit of local people, wildlife and the environment. 

Volunteers in Earls Colne started the Incredible Edible project in the first lockdown. They worked to create a garden on the High Street from an unused plot of land. A Councillor Community grant of £500 allowed them to buy compost, tools and seeds to progress the project. 

Incredible Edible Earls Colne has gone from strength to strength since. The group now have permission from Eastlight Community Homes to create another garden in the village. 

Jayne Meleschko, one of the leaders of the project, said "Our scheme is part of a much wider national Incredible Edible movement. While encouraging the growing of fruit and veg in community spaces, we promote education in schools and local groups. 

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in starting something similar in their locality to ‘go for it’ 

A starter guide is available on the Incredible Edible website 

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