Bulky waste collections

Bulky waste collection information

Items we collect

We will collect:

  • all household appliances excluding large range cookers and commercial appliances
  • all household furniture
  • a three piece suite counts as three items
  • bed base and mattress count as two items
  • table and chairs which count as two items. A table is one item, and a set of chairs is one item
  • domestic refrigerators. Please empty them of food
  • bathroom suites (baths, sinks, toilets, showers) but excluding tiles
  • bicycles
  • carpets must be manageable by one person or you should cut them into pieces, roll them up and tie them
  • empty water tanks, but not large or where access is difficult
  • garage doors
  • garden furniture and patio heaters
  • garden machinery
  • gas fires but not back boilers and gas bottles
  • glass which you must containerise if it is broken
  • metal items but not stair-lifts or chairs from stair-lifts
  • mobility scooters
  • sheds. You must dismantle the shed into whole sides, floor, and roof. We treat a shed as a standard collection of six items. If you have other items to collect as well as a shed you will need to book a large collection of 12 items. We will not collect a shed if the roof, or any part of it, contains asbestos 
  • sacks of rubbish. Up to six rubbish sacks count as one item. We only collect a maximum of six sacks per collection. Sacks must not include food waste or anything on the list of item that we don’t collect
  • trampolines, large ones must be disassembled
  • windows and doors but not large patio doors
  • wood which you must bundle together and tie up so that it can be lifted by one person

We treat any exceptionally large pieces such as a large corner sofa, patio doors, range cookers, and American style fridge-freezers count as 2 items.

Items we don’t collect

We do not collect:

  • asbestos
  • bags of concrete
  • boilers
  • bricks and rubble
  • car and motorbike parts or tyres
  • commercial appliances
  • commercial, industrial, or clinical waste
  • garden waste, trees, and bushes
  • gas bottles
  • house clearances
  • large quantities (skip load)
  • liquids - waste oils, paint tins, corrosive or noxious liquids
  • loose material requiring excessive handling
  • oil tanks or full water tanks
  • pianos
  • range cookers
  • sheds and coal bunkers still intact
  • waste food
  • ride-on lawnmowers

You can recycle small Electrical and Electronic Equipment using our Electrical item recycling service

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