Climate change strategy

Community Tree and Bulb Planting Scheme

We offered native tree whips and bulbs to Parish and Town Councils, local community/voluntary groups, schools, colleges and charities.

The scheme had a total of 115 applicants from

  • 26 Parish and Town Councils
  •  32 Schools and Nurseries
  • 57 Community Groups

Together they planted 4,850 trees and 41,600 bulbs within their local areas by March 2022, to encourage biodiversity and pollinators.

We have planted more on council owned land, bringing the overall number of trees and bulbs planted to 18,700 native trees and 73,000 bulbs across the district.

We are encouraging everyone who has planted trees to plot their locations on The Queen's Green Canopy map.

Find out more about our Climate Change Strategy and see what local residents and business are doing to tackle climate change. 

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